Tuesday, May 13, 2008

About Mama's Cup

Mama's Cup is a blog for the Mama as Whole Person: Parent, Woman, Mentor, Personal Shopper; Family CFO, EMT, Troubleshooter and Damage Control Specialist.

I cover a lot of ground here, but the main focus is on parenting in the 21st century. I've added a dose of what it's like to be part of a blended family, but the traditional Mama will find plenty here for herself and her family as well. Mama's Cup is the Swiss Army Knife in every Mama's tool belt. Use it wisely.

Have something to tell me? You can use good old-fashioned email: meaghanmorelli@gmail.com. Or find me on Twitter (@mamascup and @morelliwrites). Or you can check out the Facebook page.

I look forward to swapping stories with you!

Meaghan Morelli